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Bookkeeping for every profession and industry

Say goodbye to the stress of managing your business's finances alone. With JAYA, our team of bookkeeping experts takes care of your bookkeeping, tax prep, and filing, no matter what your profession or industry is.


  •  Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Reconcile Cash and Credit Accounts
  • Process Sales and Use Tax
  • Generate Reports
  • Generate Invoices
  • Data Entry
  • Month-End Accounting
How it works

Step 1Book a call with Bookkeeeper

We’ll start with an onboarding call to get on the same page. It doesn’t matter whether you’re one month or one year behind, our team will get you caught up.

Step 2:  Get financial insights in real-time

Get a snapshot view of all your money-in and money-out through interactive reports, whenever you need it, even before your books are closed.

Step 3: We do your bookkeeping

Your bookkeeping team organizes your business transactions and prepares financial statements. If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.

Step 4: We deliver tax-ready financials

At the end of each month, we will send a package with financials that are ready to be submitted for any reasons including tax
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